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Inspirational, Contemporary Art for Your Living Space 


Customized Picto-Mosaics Based on Your Individual Vision and Taste 


Translate Your Personal Experience into Unique Artwork

with a Beautiful  Mosaic Creation 


Do you feel that…

• The empty wall in front of your desk aches for some color? 
• A niche in your clinic waits to be adorned? 
• The bare whiteness of your living room itches for sparkle and fun? 

Here’s where the artist comes into the picture, with colorful, evocative picto-mosaics that integrate an array of materials, collected from far-reaching places around the globe. 

Your customized, mosaic artwork will be unique and original − an exceptional creation made of various tessellated stones and providing you with an unusual, even emotional, experience. 

The mosaic can express your dreams, memories, loves and passions, a created artwork that intimately reflects your personal story. 

We build the piece in partnership: You choose the size, the subject and the family of colors; I work through the concept, create an original piece and integrate it into its environment. 

The works can be based on personal portraits, family pictures, snapshots from trips abroad − anything that you yearn to bring to life, and that fills you with emotion and inspiration. 

The finished piece will give you with a sense of pride, the unusual feeling of a work of art that uniquely integrates your own experiences, tastes and desires. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact me at 
+972-54-467-0097 or:

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